Tait on board with Emirates Team NZ for America’s Cup bid

Emirates Team New Zealand (ETNZ) will have the backing of cutting-edge digital radios from Tait Communications when they take to the water next week for their tilt at sailing's biggest prize, the America's Cup. 

The team has been equipped with 22 of the latest Tait TP9400 digital portable radios, providing the sailors and support crew with highly secure, crystal-clear communications on the water. 

The radios feature the same sophisticated encryption employed by police forces around the globe to prevent the interception of sensitive communications—vital for keeping ETNZ's team secrets safe from competitors. 

"We're competing in a regatta that is high-tech in every sense of the word, which demands world-class technology," says the team's Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Shoebridge. 

"On the water, we need to be able to monitor ever-changing conditions, assess different options and react in seconds. The Tait radios are a critical tool on-deck, allowing the team to work together with maximum speed and effectiveness when it really counts. 

"Furthermore, the built-in encryption makes sure the team's communication stays private. As we approach the start of the series, the stakes get higher and competitors will spy on each other to seek any advantage. 

"It's a special thing to know we're being backed by world-leading technology designed and engineered right here in New Zealand," adds Shoebridge. 

ETNZ uses the Tait portable and mobile radios on the yachts, chase-boats and hospitality boat. The highly ruggedized radios have been designed and built to withstand the harsh marine environment in which the team operates. 

Tait Chief Marketing Officer James Kyd says, "Tait has proudly been on board with ETNZ since 2005. It's a case of one New Zealand success story backing another, and we're very pleased to equip the team with the very latest in radio technology for their America's Cup campaign."

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