Tait completes DMR-ready network for French motorway operator Sanef

Tait Communications has successfully installed the first phase of an advanced DMR-ready critical communications solution for one of Europe's largest motorway operators.

Sanef, which operates more than 1,000 miles of motorways in the north and east of France, has implemented two interconnected TaitNet MPT-IP trunked networks comprising 34 four-channel sites in the northern half of Sanef's operations. 

The network incorporates an Actionet Gateway from Tait, allowing straight-forward migration from SANEF's legacy analog network to a fully redundant digital IP backbone. Twelve more sites will be added to the network in 2014. 

Hans van der Linde, Managing Director, Tait EMEA, says: "We worked closely with Sanef throughout the design, installation and testing phases to ensure complete confidence in the new digital system. Tait provided seamless migration to the new DMR-ready TaitNet MPT-IP network, helping Sanef to achieve their organizational objectives without interruption."

Sanef uses its mobile radio network to link its motorway surveillance teams with their central operations room—a critical requirement, especially at peak traffic times. 

The fully redundant Tait network design eliminates any single points of failure, proving Sanef with a truly resilient network for critical wide-area communications. 

"One of the IP network sites suffered a temporary outage during testing, but the TaitNet system was unaffected, diverting communications to the Network controller backup site and continuing to operate effectively," adds Mr van der Linde. 

"Users were able to continue communicating on the network without any noticeable difference or risk to their operations." 

Through modular base-station and network design, Tait offers a migration strategy which enables TaitNet MPT-IP networks to move to DMR simply and progressively. 

Both TaitNet MPT-IP and DMR are based on a common IP platform, meaning that much of the infrastructure equipment can be reused, minimizing installation time and cost. 

"Planning for future communications in partnership with Tait means an expert team is right there at each stage, designing, managing and supporting the changes, working to an organization's timeframe to minimize any impacts on budget and service," says Mr van der Linde.

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