Silvercomm’s migration to digital means enhanced customer service with a Tait DMR Tier 3 upgrade

Silvercomm, provider of the Silvercomm communications MPT network that supports organisations across the greater Melbourne area, has chosen to upgrade to a Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) network – The Silvercomm CLEARCALL Network – with New Zealand's Tait Communcations as part of its plans to retain and enhance its excellent service quality levels. 

"We wanted to move forward, with our customers, and take advantage of the features and quality that digital technology brings, with a smooth migration to DMR," says Peter Crook, Silvercomm Sales and Marketing Manager. "We have a great reputation for providing market-leading, high-quality solutions and are proud to continue this tradition with our new digital communications network. 

"We chose DMR as we wanted an internationally proven, interoperable, open-standard technology that would allow us to continue to provide our customers with choice," Mr Crook said. "We chose Tait because we trust them. We have a long history of working together, we have faith in their products and our customers trust the quality that's synonymous with the Tait brand." 

Tait Communications, with distributor Logic Wireless, is supplying Silvercomm with a nine-site UHF DMR Tier 3 trunked voice and data network. The Tait DMR network is due to be completed and customer-ready by late December, 2013.

Silvercomm will manage the migration of its customers from the existing TaitNet MPT 1327 trunked analogue service to the new Tait DMR digital service. The first 200 vehicles are expected to be connected to the network in January 2014. The MPT network will continue to operate alongside the new DMR network so that Silvercomm customers can migrate to the new network at the time that suits them best.

With an additional two sites added to the Silvercomm network via IP linking, commercial customers on the new DMR network will benefit from improved digital audio quality and greater coverage, which means they can communicate wherever and whenever their operations require. While the focus is primarily on voice, DMR has inherent data capabilities which Silvercomm will leverage by providing basic "screen type" data features such as Short Data Service (SDS) messaging and GPS.

"Silvercomm has been quick to see the advantages that an open-standard based digital technology can provide," says Perrin Trease, Business Development Manager, Tait Communications Asia-Pacific. "Our DMR digital networks offer digital clarity, data capability and have IP-based flexibility to expand with the business as it grows or as requirements change."

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