World-class campus for Christchurch

Tait Communications has today announced its intent to invest in a significant development for its Christchurch campus to support growth of the company and the future of the region's high-tech export industry.

Managing Director Frank Owen says he is excited by the company's decision to create a world-class campus facility in the city.

"Tait Communications has long and deep roots established over forty years in Christchurch. A substantial proportion of our growth over the last ten years has been a direct result of the contribution from high-technology design, manufacturing and management expertise born and bred in Canterbury. Critical to our success is the recruitment and development of engineers and other specialists and the support of the local education institutions which provide the training-ground for these people.

"By providing a vibrant collaborative campus, we will enable our excellent pool of local talent to accelerate the growing presence of Canterbury high-technology exports on the world stage."

He said the new campus would ensure Tait continued to thrive in intensely competitive global markets, supporting the company's continued investment in research and development and its position at the forefront of new, innovative cutting-edge solutions.

Tait Communications plans to create a globally connected community made up of a network of attractive low-rise buildings utilizing the latest in timber framing technology from the University of Canterbury.

The site, which will be highly landscaped, is adjacent to its current location in Wairakei Road, Burnside. It is envisaged the landscaping will be orientated to create a green corridor through from Nunweek Park, with a central town square and café, which will be also open to the public.

There will be a commitment to sustainability, with the intention to create structures suited to the local environment.

The company is awaiting the outcome of a Christchurch City Council re-zoning application. It has recently purchased two blocks of land between Wooldridge and Stanleys Roads, and is applying for a change from a Rural 5 zone to a low-impact business zone.

Phase 1, which includes development on the eastern side of the site, will require a $30 million investment by Tait. It is hoped that this will be able to be completed by the end of next year.

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