Taiwan’s largest utility selects Tait P25 digital solution

Taiwan Power Company (Taipower), the largest electricity supplier and grid operator in Taiwan, has selected Tait to provide a communications solution which will support the utility's critical operations in providing power to more than 12.5 million customers. 

Taipower will gradually migrate to a TaitNet P25 digital conventional system over the next five years to future-proof and improve the reliability of its voice radio network, which is mainly used by maintenance personnel working across the utility's various hydro, thermal, nuclear and renewable energy divisions. 

The new system will incorporate Tait P25-compliant TB9100 base stations, TM9135 mobiles and Phase 2-capable TP9455 portables. The TP9455 is one of the toughest, lightest P25 Phase 2-capable portables on the market and features internal GPS, Bluetooth® wireless technology, IP67 protection and AES encryption. 

Brett Smythe, Regional General Manager, Tait Communications Asia Pacific, says: "Taipower plays a critical role in the lives of millions of Taiwanese people every day, and we are delighted they have chosen Tait to help them improve the resiliency and efficiency of their operations. 

"By investing in genuine open-standards P25 equipment, Taipower has ensured the long-term value and future upgradeability of its communications system, allowing them to readily adapt to changes in requirements and eventually reap the benefits of P25 digital."

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