Tait-sponsored panel to explore benefits of DMR for utilities

Tait Communications is sponsoring a unique industry roundtable event to discuss and define the business benefits of Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) for electrical utilities.

On May 3rd a panel of 15 industry experts and radio network professionals from electrical utilities throughout North America will meet in Tucson, Arizona, to explore practical answers to questions about DMR technology.

Questions put to the panel will range from the role that DMR can play in the Smart Grid to its ability to help utilities achieve regulatory targets, enhance cyber security and improve worker safety.

Electrical utility professionals, industry experts, DMR radio manufacturers and other interested parties are invited to help drive the panel's discussion ahead of time by contributing online via the DMR Knowledge Center.

Monique Princen, Solutions Marketing Manager, Tait Communications, says: "Electrical utilities around the world are building a vision of the digitally connected enterprises they wish to build.

"This unique event will see industry leaders come together to address the big question—is DMR is the best mobile radio platform to help them achieve that vision?

"The discussion will allow industry leaders and radio solutions end-users to explore the most important questions about the future role of mobile radio within utilities, in particular DMR, and draw upon the collective knowledge of the panel," adds Monique.

Popular questions posted online at the DMR Knowledge Center will be presented to the expert panel on May 3rd, and summaries, video and a full transcript of the discussion will be made available through the online forum shortly after the event.

Mission Critical magazine will be present during the roundtable as the event's official media partner.

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