Tait selected to improve coverage in Jackson County, Wisconsin

Improving radio coverage for first responders and law enforcement officers has been a priority in the selection of a Tait radio system for Jackson County, Wisconsin.

Tait Communications, a leading provider of communications solutions, has been selected for the US$1.5 million network which will be used by up to 43 public safety agencies in addition to the Highway Department.

The 10-site VHF simulcast solution provides the county with a network that will meet the 2013 narrowbanding mandates and offer a migration path to future technology.

John Ross, Jackson County Emergency Management Coordinator, says the narrowbanding deadline provides an opportunity to improve the existing network, including coverage issues that can compromise the safety of responders.

"It is my thought that, as long as we are going to have to upgrade, we should do what we could to address these concerns and make the system more effective. At the same time, having the ability to upgrade the system to the latest standards in the future was also a part of the decision to go with this solution."

The Tait solution chosen by Jackson County means responders can use their current dispatch equipment and radios to reduce costs.

This system will be used by Law Enforcement (six agencies) Fire (eight departments) EMS (eight groups), as well as the County Highway Department. The system will also be available for use by an additional 21 mutual aid partners.

Scott Quintavalle, Vice-President of Engineering, Tait Communications Americas, says Tait simulcast technology is a popular choice for public safety agencies, as it can provide a safer working environment for users by reducing the coverage dead-spots.

"Tait simulcast solutions also enable users to move seamlessly from analog to digital or expand the network as needed," says Quintavalle.

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