Tait DMR Tier 3 showcase sparks interest in Europe and Middle East

Tait has been busy showcasing its new DMR Tier 3 solution throughout Europe and the Middle East, with hands-on demonstrations in France, United Arab Emirates and Germany.

"We have launched into this year with a lot of enthusiasm, ready to release our DMR Tier 3 solution - a complete digital communications system comprising Tait-designed terminals, infrastructure and applications," says Hans van der Linde, Managing Director of Tait Europe, Middle East and Africa.

"Showcasing Tait DMR in our region has given us a unique opportunity to witness the first positive reactions to this long-awaited enhancement of the successful DMR basic standard."

At Forum Radiocoms (Paris), APCO Global Congress (Dubai), and PMRmobil (Nurnberg, Hannover and Cologne), Tait discussed the benefits of using DMR technology for operation- and mission-critical communications, demonstrating its first integrated trunked DMR system to professional radio users.

"All of these events were a great success for Tait, not only for the genuine interest shown by attendees, but also for the feedback we received about DMR Tier 3," says Jamie Bishop, Marketing Manager at Tait.

"Many people see in Tier 3 the potential for a globally successful digital platform, just as MPT 1327 has been for analog. DMR Tier 3 builds on this success, preserving the familiar MPT user interface while adding the significant operational benefits of DMR's data capabilities."

Tait DMR will provide a stress-free migration pathway via triple-mode terminals, which support DMR, MPT 1327 and analog FM functionality.

"Tait is committed to open standards, and our DMR solution is designed to be fully compliant with ETSI-defined Digital Mobile Radio standards, including the interfaces for dispatchers, location services and other applications," adds Bishop.

Tait DMR equipment will offer integrated location services and Network Management, while future software upgrades will provide data services, Over-The-Air Programming, encryption and security features.

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