Jim Wells County, Texas, chooses Tait P25 solution

Jim Wells County, Texas, has selected Tait Communications to provide a reliable, P25-compliant communications solution for its public-safety agencies and emergency responders.

The county will implement a three-site, two-channel hybrid TaitNet QS2 Simulcast / P25 Simulcast VHF network to provide interoperable, critical communications for agencies including the Sheriff’s Department, State Troopers, Police, Fire and EMS.

The new Tait network, which is fully compliant with the 2013 FCC narrowband mandate, will replace an outdated analog network to provide improved coverage for first responders throughout the county area.

By choosing an open standards-based Tait solution, the county will save money through re-use of its existing tower antennas, 400 subscriber units, and 60 pagers deployed to volunteer firefighters.

Steve Cragg, President, Tait Communications Americas, says:

“Jim Wells County has chosen to implement a Tait P25 network that will provide critical interoperable communications for first responders, coupled with the added benefits of narrowbanding compliance and long-term value unlocked by genuine P25 open standards.

“We are delighted the county has chosen to partner with Tait Communications to improve safety for first responders and increase operational efficiency for local and interoperating agencies,” adds Steve.

The Tait solution includes a three-year maintenance services contract and will be commissioned in September.

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