City of Concord, North Carolina, chooses Tait P25 digital solution

City of Concord, USA, has implemented a P25-compliant communications solution from Tait which supports Police and Fire departments and provides critical communications interoperability between agencies for the City’s large-scale public events.

The Tait network will also support highly secure multi-agency communications for the Democratic National Convention, to be held in neighboring Charlotte, in September.

The Tait open-standards solution comprises P25 digital conventional 800MHz channels and a VHF channel for Concord’s Police and Fire Departments, plus a UHF channel for Concord Mills Mall security staff.

Concord Radio Communications Manager Chris Linker says that a reliable dual-mode communications solution was critical for the City’s requirements, particularly during racing events.

“Concord’s population of 80,000 more than doubles during NASCAR racing weekends, which the City hosts three times a year,” says Chris.

“To manage public safety for these events, we needed a fully interoperable solution so that first responders called in from the wider state and county could communicate effectively with each other over the network.”

To achieve genuine interoperability between agencies, the City chose Tait best-in-class TB9100 base stations, which provide dual-mode P25 digital and analog FM operation.

“Tait TB9100 base stations met our requirements for reliability, interoperability and highly secure encryption, while also enabling the City to be fully compliant with the 2013 narrowband mandate,” he says.

The Tait P25 digital conventional channels provide secure, encrypted voice communications for covert policing operations, while also serving as a redundant layer for the City’s Fire and Police responders subscribing to the regional network.

Steve Cragg, President, Tait Communications Americas, says: “City of Concord has selected a cost-effective radio communications platform that is easy to grow in size and functionality, and is genuinely interoperable with analog or other P25-compliant equipment.

“Tait Communications has a proven track record of designing and delivering P25 solutions that meet the needs of our customers, and we are delighted that Concord has selected Tait to meet the needs of its public safety and emergency service providers,” adds Steve.