Tait supports P25 Solution Center in Australia and helps industry to deliver best value and great outcomes

Tait Radio Communications is proud to be supporting the newly-launched P25 Solution Center in Australia, an industry initiative to demonstrate compatibility across vendors' digital communications equipment.

Tait was the only company headquartered outside of America to be granted certification in the initial Compliance Assessment Program which was organized by the US government and adopted across the world.

"Demonstrations of compatibility assure customers that their legacy communications equipment or proposed radios and infrastructure will work together. Ultimately this helps public safety decision-makers to make best possible use of taxpayers' dollars without jeopardizing community safety," said Brett Smythe, Managing Director, Tait Radio Communications Asia Pacific.

"Membership of the Compliance Assessment Program helps give that confidence but it's great to see multi-vendor compatibility in action. That is why the P25 Solution Center (PSC) hosted by Airwave in Sydney will be so important," added Brett.

"The PSC will demonstrate exciting interoperability concepts such as the ISSI (Inter-RF Sub-System Interface), connecting multiple vendors' networks together. With the support of public safety, government organizations and solution providers such as Tait, the PSC has a significant role to play within the industry," said Brett.

Testing features, verifying capability and experimenting with configurations are just some of the many technical innovations which can be trialled on an integrated demonstration system without disrupting operational networks.

"To achieve this, you really need to see the whole system in action. That's why the PSC incorporates P25 radio and switching equipment, console equipment and RF systems from leading manufacturers," added Brett.

"Tait actually runs its own similar multi-vendor demonstration facility from its CAP-certified facility in Houston, Texas and in Christchurch, NZ but this independent facility is a welcome addition making it easier for Australian customers to see the value of open standards first-hand."

In other news which recognizes the significance of the P25 open standard in Australia and New Zealand, APCO Australasia have been given a seat on the P25 Steering Committee in the USA - the first seat held outside the US.

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