Tait P25 solutions in use on New South Wales Government Radio Network

New South Wales emergency services can now choose a land mobile radio solution designed and manufactured by Tait Radio Communications after the Christchurch company became the first additional P25 solutions provider officially fit for purpose to operate on the Government Radio Network (GRN).

About 24,000 users in over 40 government agencies currently operate on the NSW P25 state-wide network and connected agencies, including the NSW State Emergency Service, Ambulance Service, Rural Fire Service, Energy Australia, Roads and Traffic Authority and Department of Corrective Services, can now select genuine open-standards P25 equipment from Tait.

P25 is an international open standard for the manufacturing of interoperable digital two-way wireless communications. The standard, which is also used by New Zealand Police, allows for improved communications within and between agencies – especially emergency services.

The milestone marks the first approval by the New South Wales Government of an alternative P25 solutions provider for the state-wide network. The GRN was recently upgraded to support the P25 standard, which will enable greater value for taxpayers.

Brett Smythe, Tait Regional General Manager, Asia Pacific, says, "For the first time, public safety agencies operating on the NSW GRN are free to select from an alternative vendor to achieve proven interoperability, secure communications and better value for taxpayer dollars.

"Agencies are no longer locked in to a single vendor's portfolio, but are now able to leverage the benefits of a wider choice of P25 equipment – with the assurance of communications interoperability provided by the international P25 standard.

"Tait is very pleased to have become the first additional radio solutions provider fit for purpose on the New South Wales GRN, and we look forward to working closely with the state's agencies in helping them to improve their operations and meet their objectives.

"This is another example of specialist public safety communications solutions delivered by Tait. Our expertise and genuine support for open standards is focused on delivering results that matter for our customers. Our expertise and investment in research and development is paying dividends for Tait, our customers and the community as we continue our significant growth in an intensely competitive global industry."

The P25 open standard secures value through multi-vendor procurement and gives public safety agencies the confidence to purchase radios and infrastructure that will work seamlessly with those of other manufacturers.

Committed to delivering better results and value for its clients through open-standards communications, Tait has Australian facilities based in Brisbane and Melbourne, and supports the Sydney-based P25 Solution Center. The Center provides radio equipment customers with a hands-on opportunity to confirm the compatibility and interoperability of P25 terminals and infrastructure from a variety of manufacturers.

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