Tait P25 solution helping to reduce crime in Brazil

Tait Radio Communications is working alongside Brazilian Military Police to enhance officer safety and reduce crime rates for the 8.7 million people living in the state of Pernambuco.

The goal of the Polícia Militar de Pernambuco (PMPE) has been to significantly improve crime statistics by investing in better communications for police officers.

Having already invested in an 800 MHz P25 trunked system to employ a digital technology with excellent wide-area coverage, the PMPE wished to take advantage of the multivendor interoperability of the P25 open standard by adding Tait subscriber equipment to their network.

Tait now accounts for 95% of subscriber units used by the 30,000-strong PMPE, allowing a larger number of frontline officers to communicate clearly and carry out their work in greater safety.

In addition, the Tait P25 subscriber equipment has more than proven itself cost-effectively on the PMPE network.

Coronel Humaitá, of the PMPE, says, "Since Tait has entered the public-security market in Brazil, we have seen prices for high-quality digital equipment fall dramatically, saving the state millions of dollars."

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