Tait helps students scrutinize firefighter communications

Tait Radio Communications has helped fund four students from the University of Canterbury's New Zealand Institute of Language, Brain and Behaviour (NZILBB) to carry out research projects in conjunction with the New Zealand Fire Service.

Tait Research and Development Lead Engineer Dr Alan Murray spent time with four students while working together with NZ Fire to conduct a range of training scenarios over a four-week period.

"These kinds of research projects help us to capture deeper insights into how firefighters could interact with Tait technology every day on the fire-ground. From the data and observations we gain from studies like these, we can enhance our solutions to deliver even better results for public safety responders," says Alan.

Two of the research projects focused on how firefighters operate their radios in high-noise environments. The other two projects analysed advanced methods to improve speech intelligibility.

As part of its ongoing commitment to industry-led research, Tait also sponsors the Wireless Research Centre – part of the national New Zealand ICT hub based at the University of Canterbury.

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