Tait caps recent US successes with Washington win

From Alaska to Maine and from Louisiana to Las Vegas, Tait Radio Communications is welcoming new American customers and helping decision-makers in the public safety, utilities and transport sectors shape their future and deliver results.

New Zealand-owned Tait, which has an extensive support and service facility in Houston, welcomed two new customers in February. The Golden Valley Electric Association, in Alaska, and Grant County, in Washington State, both committed to Tait radios, systems and services which will deliver critical communications in a resilient and cost-effective way.

The US$7.9 million Grant County contract is to provide a new public-safety communications solution for a Multi-Agency Communications Center, and includes services such as training as well as radios for emergency vehicles.

"In February, Tait has been officially accredited for the Louisiana state-wide network, so any sheriffs, counties or agencies seeking better choice for their taxpayers' dollars can choose Tait radios rather than be tied to any one vendor," adds Frank Owen, Managing Director of Tait Radio Communications. "We are also hosting a Go-Live event in Maine to celebrate the successful Tait installation of a public-safety system in the City of Augusta."

It's been a busy month for meeting US customers to talk through the issues that matter to them. "We're hosting a webinar on securing Grant Funding and five Tait speakers have been expected to deliver papers at IWCE, the major global tradeshow in Las Vegas," states Steve Cragg, President of Tait Radio Communications Americas.

"We're talking to our customers about how they can respond to the Federal mandate to make more efficient use of the available radio spectrum, how they can migrate from analogue to digital systems and how they can leverage the exciting potential of broadband-enabled, data-rich applications," adds Steve.

To manage this growth, Tait is investing in its US facilities and creating employment opportunities. For the first time in its history, Tait now has over 100 employees working in the US with six jobs currently waiting to be filled. "Overall our strategy of investing in solutions for public-safety agencies, utilities and transport providers and focusing on North America is paying dividends," concludes Steve.

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