São Paulo Civil Police upgrades to Tait P25 trunked network

The Civil Police of the state of São Paulo, Brazil, have chosen to upgrade to a P25 trunked digital radio network from Tait Radio Communications that will provide greater security and digital communications to more public safety officials within the state.

The Polícia Civil do Estado de São Paulo has selected Tait, in partnership with Alcatel-Lucent and SGM Telecom, Brazil, to upgrade the agency's existing Tait P25 conventional network to a TaitNet P25 trunked digital network.

The US$4 million upgrade will provide coverage to the municipality of São José do Rio Preto and, for the first time, digital radio communications to neighboring Nova Granada.

"Police forces in São Paulo, and a number of other Brazilian states, have already been able to reap the benefits of genuine open-standards Tait P25 technology by incorporating multiple vendors into their solutions and getting better value,'" says Steve Cragg, President, Tait Radio Communications, Americas.

"For organizations requiring secure, easily managed and interoperable communications across mixed-vendor fleets, a TaitNet P25 trunked digital network delivers improved channel efficiency, reliability and scalability.

"TaitNet P25 digital trunked networks have the most robust, reliable base station at their core—the TB9100—delivering P25 CAP-tested interoperability, assured purchasing with grant funds and sophisticated remote diagnostics to reduce tower site visits," adds Steve.

Other states to have implemented Tait P25 solutions include Paraná, Pernambuco, Espírito Santo, Pará, Bahia, Alagoas and Sergipe.

The Civil Police's upgrade to a Tait P25 trunked digital network is part of a 10-year crime-prevention plan for the State of São Paulo. In 2008, the state's police forces installed six TaitNet P25 conventional networks, with the ultimate goal of eventually interconnecting all of the networks using the P25 Inter-Sub System Interface.

"With personnel numbers growing in the Civil Police force, trunking offers better channel resource use, improved communications flexibility, and greater security for police," says Steve. "Taking advantage of the upgradeability of the Tait P25 digital network, the Civil Police will move to trunking operation across five of São Paulo's TaitNet P25 conventional networks."

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