Police helicopter crew happy with new VHF radio

Tactical Flight Officer Phil Savill (pictured) is part of New Zealand Police's Eagle 1 helicopter crew which was gifted a new Tait VHF portable to enable staying in touch with other public safety agencies earlier this week.

On taking delivery of the radio today, Phil states, "We have Tait UHF and VHF mobiles in the helicopter cabin, but when one of us needs to leave the helicopter, we can still listen and talk to Coastguard, Land Search and Rescue teams or ambulance crews with this new device."

"These teams on the ground are operating on VHF channels, so the addition of this model makes communications between different teams and organizations so much easier. Ultimately a better, faster and more co-ordinated response can save lives. Of course being orange is definitely going to make it easier to spot in the cabin!"

Phil adds, "On the few occasions where an on-foot pursuit is called for, the portable will also be handy!"

Ian McKee, General Manager at Tait Communication Solutions comments, "We were happy to donate this radio to the Eagle 1 crew as a thank you for all they've done in and over Christchurch in recent weeks following the earthquake."

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