Tait customer shares insights on open standards and comms role in crime reduction

Lt. Colonel Dr Ari Bezerra dos Santos who is a top-ranking officer at Tait customer Sao Paulo Police recently visited Australian public safety agencies to share his insights on how P25 digital radio communications helped his organization cut crime.

Dr Ari Bezerra dos Santos, who has 25 years of experience in radio communications, emphasized the benefits of digital P25 as being:

  • Open and mature digital standard delivering multi-vendor compatibility leading to competition and value
  • Agency interoperability and adjacent state/ province co-operation
  • Security management to thwart organized crime

Dr Ari Bezerra dos Santos said, "As a region, Sao Paulo is very large with 645 cities and 41.5 million residents, so the policing and communications needs are complex and agency co-operation is vital. When using taxpayers' money to equip 138,000 police officers with the right communications equipment and coverage, the value which is created by multi-vendor compatibility is very significant. Equally, effective management of such mixed fleets and networks in a secure and efficient way makes a large difference to our ability to fight crime."

"We have seen the direct and indirect results such as reduced rates of aggravated robbery and homicide and citizens starting feel safer and more protected."

Dr Ari Bezerra dos Santos added, "We started with only P25 trunking in our capital city and now, thanks to value unlocked by genuine P25 interoperability and multi-vendor compatibility, we have been able to roll out to several other cities in our district. We aim for a state-of-the-art solution and that's what Tait delivers."

"As one of the larger forces in the world and an early adopter of P25 technology and Tait solutions, Sao Paulo Police are in an ideal position to share the insights and outcomes which they have achieved. Wherever Ari visited, Australasian public safety agencies were eager to learn the lessons of of how they deployed P25 systems and products," said Anthony Blyth, Asia Pacific Marketing Manager at Tait Radio Communications.

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