Customer outcomes core to Tait ‘layered’ broadband solution

Delivering great customer outcomes, rather than developing technology for the sake of it, is the philosophy behind Tait Radio Communications' rollout of broadband-enabled secure and resilient devices, networks, applications and services.

"Public safety agencies are focused on improving the safety of officers, the communities they serve and making their operations efficient. The trend is that applications to help them meet those needs will become increasingly information-rich," says Russell Watson, Solutions Marketing Manager at Tait Radio Communications. "In addition they are seeking resilient, interoperable and cost-effective communications, and are operating in a challenging funding environment."

The Tait broadband solution specifically reflects the specialized needs of public safety. It takes the apps and information-rich capabilities of the LTE (Long Term Evolution) standard and combines these as a layer above proven, resilient, mission-critical, narrowband networks.

"Our broadband solution is technology agnostic and is managed as layers, so public safety customers get the best of all worlds: cellular, wi-fi and narrowband combined with Tait wireless/ RF expertise and tools to design and manage such a network," adds Russell.

"We are focused on achieving this in a seamless, secure and manageable way for our customers. Tait will deliver systems to account for the different coverage, capacity, range, power, roaming, prioritization and interference issues of P25 (narrowband) and broadband networks.

Tait has already built an LTE overlay over an existing P25 trunked network and is developing Network Management capabilities, so real-world system performance can be monitored and controlled. "We have also been innovating some data-rich smartphone applications and commissioned dedicated research projects from the world-renowned Wireless Research Centre. We've also been working with a new eco-system of partners, committing to a reseller and knowledge-sharing agreement with a leading pioneer in 3G and 4G broadband systems," says Russell.

"As always, there's no one-size-fits-all. Tait will listen and adapt the technology around the needs of the particular public safety agency, so that they maximize the value of their current and potential spectrum assets and available funding."

Russell concludes, "If the agency needs evidence-quality graphics for identifying vehicles and suspects, this demands totally different data rates than those required for day-to-day situation monitoring. Dispatch, mobile office-style apps, multi-agency working and disaster response are also major considerations. These are balanced against best use of existing and future assets – including spectrum – and initial and ongoing costs."

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