Tait wins large U.S. transit contract with innovative P25 digital radio solution

Tait Radio Communications, a global leader in providing radio solutions, has been selected to provide the radio solution for a major integrated transport project in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Tait is supplying a TaitNet P25 digital 700 MHz four-site trunked network with data services and TM9000 mobile radios to enable the support of Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), passenger counting and Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) applications for the board of Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon (TriMet). The $35 million project will be primed by INIT. Tait will provide the radio portion of the combined solution.

In addition to the trunked radio network is a dedicated TDMA data channel that allows a TM9100 trunked mobile to fully function on the trunked system while still being able to send and receive routine data updates with minimal disruption or delay to normal services. The innovative Slot Polling Data Service will allow data to be collected from 800 buses every minute to assist with schedule adherence and future route planning.

The system will be designed with high integrity architecture to deliver a superior quality of service.

In addition to the development of network infrastructure, the project involves equipping some of the region's 1,200 paratransit, fixed route buses, light rail and supervisory vehicles with an integrated transport solution that will service more than 100 million passengers annually.

"P25 technology has been embraced by North American public safety organizations and TriMet will have the ability for interoperability with police, fire and emergency responders when disasters occur," says Steve Cragg, President Tait Radio Communications, Americas Region. "This is another exciting metropolitan project that comes on the back of success with major public transport systems in London, England, and Dublin, Ireland."

"It is also another recent project for Tait where a customer in a non-public safety market is embracing the full benefits of P25 technology, including its ease of integration with third party products and interoperability with equipment of other radio manufacturers," concludes Steve.

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