Tait Partners to deliver Public Safety Solution

Tait Radio Communications, a global leader in radio solutions, has partnered with Australian owned company Innotech to adapt their Guardian Comms System products for use with Tait radios. Tait has agreed to an exclusive worldwide sales arrangement to supply Guardian breathing apparatus and speaker microphone for Tait P25 systems.

Guardian breathing apparatus and helmet kits use bone induction for speaking and listening providing excellent audio quality. This is perfectly matched to Tait portable radios which are also renowned for audio quality, particularly the digital clarity of the TP9100 portables. The Tait portables and Guardian Comms System have also gained Intrinsically Safe (IS) approval, and now provide a complete solution for fireground voice communications.

The breathing apparatus product is one of the most effective solutions in isolating firefighters from ambient noise and the speaker microphone is renowned in the fire industry as easy to use when wearing firefighter gloves.

Airservices Australia have confirmed an order for another 75 TP9155 IS portable radios, now packaged with the Guardian speaker microphones and breathing aparatus accessories, helping them to get the most out of their Tait P25 digital radio communications system. Airservices Australia are a government-owned corporation that provides safe and environmentally sound air traffic control management to airside services for the Australia's busiest airports. One of Airservices' most important roles is Aviation Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) and is currently the world's largest provider of ARFF services.

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