Tait opens new Vienna office

Tait Radio Communications has officially opened its new facility in Vienna, Austria, marking another step forward in its mandate to deliver world-class solutions and support to its global customers.

The office will act as a base to support customer growth in the European, Middle Eastern and African regions, with commercial management, marketing, sales and sales engineering capabilities all located in the new facility.

"Our strong focus on vertical markets, language capability, cultural awareness and proximity to our customers are key elements to our successful growth in these regions," says Hans van der Linde, Tait Managing Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

"Central and Eastern Europe are emerging markets for Tait and with that growth it's important we move closer to our customers across the region to improve our ability to access markets and levels of service and support provided."

Tait already has customers based in Eastern Europe and Russia, including the Polish Railway Network, Moscow Fire, and Plzen Bus in the Czech Republic.

The Tait office in Huntingdon UK will continue to be the operational, logistical and design/deployment engineering hub for Europe, Middle East and Africa, as well as providing a base for sales and marketing activities in Western Europe and some areas of the Middle East and Africa.

"The UK office forms an essential part of our business plans moving forward, not least in supporting a number of large urban transport providers such as Dublin Bus, London Bus and Nottingham Bus among others," says Mr van der Linde.

Among a number of new marketing, sales and engineering roles created for the Vienna office, Ralph Preclik has been appointed Sales Manager Europe, and will oversee sales operations in the regions.

Mr Preclik, an Austrian citizen, has held sales and marketing positions with Philips Electronics and Austrian Airlines, as well as, most recently a general manager position with a German CRM software company.

"The launch of the Vienna facility will allow Tait to embrace a new realm of business opportunities throughout the regions, as well as further enhance its relationships with current customers. It's exciting to be part of that progress and global growth," says Mr Preclik.

As part of the opening launch, Tait invited customers and guests to the official opening ceremony, which included hotel accommodation in Vienna and a tour of the new office, followed later by a celebratory dinner evening.

Coinciding with the opening weekend, the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra performed at Vienna's prestigious Musikverein as part of its current international tour. Tait provided a number of complimentary tickets to guests invited to the launch.

Frank Owen, Managing Director of Tait Radio Communications, says the expansion signifies another exciting advance in Tait's global market success. "The entire management team is extremely positive about this step forward in addressing the exciting, emerging markets in the European, Middle Eastern and African regions. We look forward to engaging with a new generation of customers through this facility and working with them to continuously deliver better solutions and support."

Tait Managing Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa Hans van der Linde (front) and Tait Managing Director Frank Owen (immediately right) with staff inside the newly opened Vienna facility.

Offices upstairs inside the new facility.

Tait staff and guests at the official opening.

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