Specific challenges for transportation recognized in dedicated Tait website

Tait Radio Communications, a global leader in providing radio solutions, has launched a website focused entirely on transportation solutions to reflect the distinct challenges faced by decision-makers in that sector.

"US transportation decision-makers are facing specific communication challenges and environmental, regulatory service and efficiency issues that are unique to them and distinct from other sectors. But you wouldn't think so judging by the lack of focused education-oriented websites dedicated to this sector," says Paul Gwynn, Tait Transport Global Sector Manager.

"Much of the content of the new global Tait transportation website has been prepared in liaison with transport decision-makers to reflect their distinct concerns. This site demonstrates Tait's strategic focus on this sector along with public safety and utilities."

The Tait transportation website features a range of useful resources for transportation integrators and public transportation providers including white papers on current communications trends, the latest and next generation technology offerings and examples of how radio communication can be used to improve timetable compliance, enhance environmental performance and reduce total cost of infrastructure ownership.

"With the emergence of digital technologies and the FCC narrowbanding mandates, it is a challenging time for U.S. transport organizations needing to upgrade their radio technology," says Paul Gwynn. "The website is aimed to lay all the technology cards on the table so public transport providers can learn more about their options."

The website includes customer case studies and video references of public transportation providers that are using radio as a backbone to overcome timetable compliance, service interruptions and improve operational controls.

"There will be unique challenges that each city may face, but for many public transportation providers the goal is the same: to provide reliable, safe and consistent service," Paul concludes.

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