São Paulo passenger rail company CPTM goes digital

CPTM is responsible for the transportation of nearly two million people that commute around the metropolitan area of the São Paulo state every day. The company strives to be the best and most efficient provider of transportation in Brazil.

The state government has allocated US$12 billion to improve and extend the metropolitan rail network. The expansion will include the purchase of new trains, the modernization of railway stations, an upgrade of the signalling and telecommunications system, and an extension of their railway lines to make the network four times bigger.

CPTM needed to invest in a digital radio communications technology supported by multiple vendors. Open standard technology is a driver for local government entities seeking to benefit from the market's aggressive price competition.

For many passenger rail companies and their employees, communicating in the workplace with high background noise from train engines is a well-known problem. Radios that deliver intelligible audio, high quality voice communications and noise suppression are key requirements for CPTM.

CPTM selected Tait as a trusted provider to supply a 16-site digital P25 Conventional network. The network will consist of TB9100 base stations to provide coverage to CPTM platforms and rail lines, TM9100 mobiles for installation into CPTM trains and vehicles and TP9100 portables for CPTM personnel. The platform base stations will be configured to directly connect with their Zetron console system via an analogue interface.

Together, Tait Radio Communications and Grupo MPE (MPE Group) will work together to integrate a new signalling and telecommunications system to reduce passenger travel time and the intervals between trains from six minutes to three minutes.

The company's personnel were already very familiar with Tait equipment having previously used Tait analogue equipment on a Quasi-sync system. This benefits CPTM since they will not require costly re-training.

"Tait's strong relationship with Brazilian telecommunications dealer SGM Telecom once again enabled us to be very flexible with our pricing structure. This played a key part in the success of securing the contract with CPTM," commented Tait Business Development Manager Fatima Garcete.

"Designing and delivering high quality products and services is only part of providing a radio solution. Taking the time to listen and understand your customer is something that makes a Tait solution unique," adds Garcete.

CORRECTION: This release initially suggested that the state government was allocating only US$12 million to improve and extend the metropolitan rail network. This figure is actually US$12 billion.

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