P25 innovations save precious space in public safety vehicles

Tait Radio Communications, a global leader in radio solutions, has released two innovations for its P25 public safety radio series to offer additional flexibility and customization to in-vehicle radio installations.

The TM9155 mobile radio is now available with a dual head configuration option, enabling the operation of two independent, standard control heads attached to a single radio body.

Additionally, the TP9100 vehicle charger for portables has been designed for fixed installation in vehicles to provide reliable and fast charging to either the battery alone or with the radio.

"Public safety vehicles come in different shapes and sizes. The installation needs of a SWAT vehicle differ to an ambulance or fire truck. With the TM9155's new dual head configuration, the same radio body can provide clear communications to users in two locations of the vehicle. For large fleets, the savings in using one radio unit within each vehicle can really add up," says P25 Product Manager David Jenks.

In a P25 TM9155 dual head configuration, elements of the user interface, such as display content, internal speaker audio and LEDs, are duplicated on both control heads, enabling multiple users to share the same radio. The radio body can be located separately from the radio and only requires the installation of the standard graphical head at the user location.

"Public safety vehicles are often left out in extreme cold which has the potential to affect the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) operation. The ultimate consequence of anything that could interfere with the LCD is reduced staff or citizen safety, which is unacceptable."

"Displays specifically designed for extreme low temperature operations mean public safety users can be confident of their radio's operation in temperatures as low as -22oF -30oC. Tait also has options to optimise readability in extremely high temperatures up to 140oF (60 oC)."

"Another component of Tait's public safety in-vehicle solution is the vehicle charger for the P25 portable. Space-saving mounting options ensure solid charging connection to the TP9100 even when configured in a horizontal installation. With its single latch-and-release action, the vehicle charger also provides safe retention even during a collision impact," concludes Jenks.

The TP9100 portable vehicle charger is compatible with Li-ion or NiMH batteries and features a single action to latch and release radio from charger.

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