New partnership delivers new level of safety to rescuers

Volunteer rescuers are now safer themselves thanks to a new partnership between LandSAR New Zealand and Tait Radio Communications.

The agreement will give LandSAR search and rescue volunteers discounted rates on the latest mobile radios and nationwide support to help ensure their own safety when they are looking for the lost, missing, and injured.

LandSAR CEO Hadyn Smith says he's thrilled to be partnering with Tait Radio Communications because it means LandSAR groups will be using the best technology available, supplied within New Zealand by a New Zealand company, manufacturing within New Zealand.

"Our volunteers are highly skilled and often they're tackling some of the country's toughest terrain in extreme conditions. Having more Tait radios will elevate the level of communication between the search teams and search headquarters. Messages can be relayed more quickly and there's less chance of messages not getting through.

"The safety of our volunteers when they're out in the field is our priority. We don't want them getting into trouble when they are out there trying to save the lives of others," Mr Smith says.

Tait Radio Communications General Manager Ian McKee says LandSAR is the perfect partner for the Christchurch-based company because the organisation provides an important safety net for outdoor enthusiasts.

" Tait Radio Communications is pleased to be able to offer LandSAR NZ our highly acclaimed TP8000 series of portable radios and accessories. We admire the work that this mostly volunteer organisation does in partnership with NZ Police and others, and we are very pleased to be able to do our bit to help out." said Mr McKee.

Mr Smith says Tait radios are recognised around the world by emergency services as being among the best and having them as standard issue for LandSAR is a major step up for the organisation.

"Ultimately, this partnership will benefit all New Zealanders because with more radios our ability to communicate across difficult terrain will be better, we'll be able to narrow our search area and locate the lost, missing and injured more swiftly," Mr Smith says.

About LandSAR

Land Search and Rescue (LandSAR) is the national volunteer organisation within New Zealandco-ordinating land search and rescues for the police and public.

LandSAR has over 2,500 trained search and rescue volunteers, who are members of 62 LandSAR groups covering New Zealand. There are also two national specialist groups – LandSAR Search Dogs and LandSAR Caving. Other specialist teams such as Alpine Cliff Rescue and Swift Water Rescue operate in areas where there is a requirement for these specialist skills.

LandSAR assists police in suburban/urban and wilderness/rural search and rescue operations, underground search and rescue operations in caves, shoreline search and rescue operations linked to marine incidents, and other agreed search and rescue operations.

To ensure health and safety when anyone goes missing, they provide volunteers with expert training and assistance to support their operational capability.

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