More fire and police customers choose Tait

Listen to Tait US public safety customers from the East Coast to the West Coast speak about why they chose Tait radio solutions.

Weymouth MA Fire Department Chief Robert Leary believes they have leaped a "huge hurdle towards firefighter safety" with their new Tait P25 system.

"We needed to replace a failing system with one that was going to be reliable and would work in all areas of the town, and just to not lose communication and not sacrifice firefighter safety."

City of Meriden, Connecticut Police found that radio contact for officers on the streets was a big safety problem, and Tait P25 radios have been instrumental in helping ensure their safety. "We wanted to make sure that the officer on the street was able get back to headquarters and let us know he needed help," said Frank Kiernan, Director of Emergency Communications.

Pleased with the quality of the system and having saved almost US$1m on the next closest bid, Meriden hope to expand the system to the local fire department to improve interoperability.

And for Desi Calzada of the City of Hayward Police, based in the San Francisco Bay area, their Tait system has been "bulletproof" even in heavily built-up urban areas and has taken a load off the shoulders of all staff.

"I am, today, more convinced that I made the right good choice for Hayward."

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