First batch of Public Safety radios assembled and services delivered for CFA

Delivery of the Tait solution for the Country Fire Authority moved into a new phase this week as the customized equipment starts flowing out of the Christchurch manufacturing centre and bespoke training kicks in with the first session for Beaconsfield volunteers in Melbourne's south-east.

Installation for various brigades' mobile radios has also begun in earnest. "Installation is one of those services which can cause issues out in the field if it's not done just absolutely right.  When your engineers have got the right expertise and the upgrade is organized to minimize time in the installation bay, then the vehicles are back out keeping communities safe where they belong," said Brett Smythe General Manager, Tait Radio Communications, Asia Pacific.

Tait has subcontracted the expertise of AA Radio Services to ensure the best outcome in the execution of the installation phase. Tait has enjoyed a 10-year relationship with AA Radio Services based on the shared belief that customers are paramount, and has developed a spirit of partnership to achieve the local outcomes that benefit all the stakeholders.

Thanks to precision component placement, lean manufacturing practices, assembly line testing and a dedicated team, the customized mobile and portable units are moving from the Tait factory floor out into the hands and vehicles of those dedicated men and women who will use them in emergency response at fires and other incidents.

"When you've got 14,000 radio units to make and ship, even the labelling has to conform to exact procedures, so the assets can be tracked for an effective rollout," added Brett.

"It's great to see the implementation phase kicking off, but there's a lot still to do. The entire Tait and AA Radio Services project team in Melbourne, Brisbane and Christchurch New Zealand, is entirely focused on hitting the forecast milestones in the agreed timeline."

Tait works hard to understand fire-fighters' needs before implementing a solution.

Fitting the high quality audio speakers.

Keypad testing on the Tait assembly line.

Two Intrinsically Safe (IS) batteries in each pack.

Accurate labels aid asset tracking.

Installation expertise in action.

Tait is "Training the (CFA) trainers" to maximise user acceptance.

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