Country Fire Authority chooses Tait Radio Communications for digital solution

One of the world's largest community safety and emergency service organisations, the Country Fire Authority (CFA) in Victoria, has selected Tait Radio Communications to replace its 10,000 hand-held and vehicle-mounted radios following a comprehensive tender process.

CFA is responsible for fighting all rural fires on private land in the state of Victoria. Brett Smythe, Regional Manager of Tait Radio Communications Asia Pacific, said, "CFA's dedicated team operates in challenging environments and extremely hazardous situations such as bushfires. Communications doesn't get more mission critical than that! Tait has the public safety focus and proven track record to understand what is at stake. The Tait TM9100 and TP9100 radios were designed specifically for police and firefighters so are tough enough to withstand the harshest environments."

As well being potentially deadly, a fast-spreading fire presents specific communications challenges. Tait has experience in designing solutions for organisations like CFA, that can maintain coverage even if some sites are compromised.

"The digital Tait portable and mobile radios are designed to filter out much of the background noise from helicopters, trucks, sirens, hoses and machinery for greater audio clarity. Being able to hear and be heard clearly makes all the difference when lives are at stake."

Command and control depends on reliable voice and data communications. With Location Data combined with high quality voice for accurate situation reporting, resources can be co-ordinated more effectively.

Managing Director of Tait Radio Communications, Frank Owen, added, "We are thrilled to be setting up such an in-depth partnership with this type of public safety agency. Not just because our company focus strategy is delivering real results, but because of the benefits we, as a New Zealand and Australian team, can bring to those brave men and women."

Tait will also provide maintenance of the equipment, so that CFA protects its investment in digital technology. By selecting the P25 open digital standard, the CFA has also ensured future flexibility as a variety of vendors' radio equipment is interoperable, delivering long-term value for taxpayers.

The CFA's announcement about this new commitment is available at (opens in a new window).

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