Brazilian Electricity company CTEEP visits Tait International Headquarters in New Zealand

Responsible for the transmission of 30 per cent of the electricity produced in Brazil, CTEEP - Companhia de Transmissão de Energia Elétrica Paulista is the country's largest private power transmission company.

Four engineers from CTEEP and Elder Avelas from Tait's Brazilian Partner - SGM Telecom spent a week at the Tait International Headquarters for Factory Acceptance Testing and Training on Tait APCO P25 digital radio equipment and Zetron consoles.

The engineers were exceedingly impressed with Tait's first-rate training, manufacturing, development, system integration, staff and Global Support facilities in New Zealand.

They returned to Brazil with a taste of New Zealand's unique culture, food and breath-taking landscapes. Most importantly, they left New Zealand even more confident in Tait's ability to deliver world class and fully supported P25 digital systems.

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