Tait listening to utilities at UTC

Tait Radio Communications, a global leader in providing radio solutions, will be present at UTC Telecom 2010 in Indianapolis 23-26 May, and will host a user group meeting to share information with users of their equipment.

In keeping with Tait's commitment to listen, UTC attendees are invited to participate in a user group meeting after the show, where current Tait utility customers will learn from each other's experiences. Bill Fredrickson, VP Global Utility Sector, will be hosting this gathering. 

Paul Middleton, VP Marketing Communications, said, "Tait aims to learn as much as possible about our customers so as to deliver the right advice, solutions, and support. We make it our mission to continually listen to industry customers across our markets, and learn from the experiences they've had with their existing equipment."

 "We've been sharing knowledge at utilities shows such as UTC for many years and are proud to be an associate member of the Utilities Telecom Council," said Paul.

 "With a raft of legislative and technological changes affecting the utilities industry, including the FCC requirement to narrowband and the perceived need to upgrade to digital radio systems, Tait strives to present clear and accurate information for utilities professionals to help them make informed radio solution choices," commented Paul.

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