Transportable Repeater named as 'Hot Product'

Tait's APCO P25 Transportable Base Station/Repeater has been named as a 'Hot Product' for public safety organizations.

Public Safety Communications magazine declared the TB9100 Transportable as one of the 25 most innovative new products in 2008 following its launch at this year's APCO expo.

This year, more than 350 companies displayed their products at the 74th Annual APCO Conference and Exposition in Kansas City, Mo.

On announcing the Hot Product list, Public Safety Communications magazine said: "An anonymous review team roamed the hall looking for additional, innovative new products, asking questions of the exhibitors and assessing how all of these products meet personnel and mission-critical needs."

One reviewer described the Tait Transportable Repeater as "very portable and lightweight", and also liked the "solid framework".

"Task manager routines and code can be written quickly and easily, allowing fast development and delivery of value-adding custom applications," the magazine said.

"It has convenient Windows-based software programming, and an IP connection ensures no special equipment will be needed to control your base station, connect and configure alerts and alarms, monitor performance and administer the site remotely. It comes with integrated VoIP networking with voting and offers reliable continuous duty cycle operation at a range of temperatures and altitudes."

Steve Cragg, president of Tait North America, says: "Tait base station/repeaters are known for their reliability and now the transportable option enables organizations to have that same reliability in a mobile form when responding to unpredictable situations."

"With the transportable repeater offering on-the-spot interoperability and reliable coverage, officer and citizen safety will be improved. This rapidly deployed solution would be ideal for search and rescue situations, quickly coordinated tactical missions or natural disasters.

"The light-weight (40lbs) transportable repeater isn't as easy to carry as the Tait Tough TP9100 portables, but the power and coverage it delivers will keep first responders talking wherever or whatever the incident," added Steve.

The reliable digital P25 TB9100 base station is at the heart of the transportable solution. Packaged in a ruggedized briefcase, the transportable repeater operates 5-40W and is available in VHF/UHF and 800MHz.

Flexible power options include battery, mains or even solar. With the powerful and flexible Task Manager application, the digital transportable repeater allows the repeater to be dynamically configured with IF-THEN statements such as 'IF low battery THEN trigger an alarm'.

Encrypted users will be able to communicate securely. In Dual Mode, the repeater treats analog and digital radio users' signals appropriately improving multi-agency communications. The popular TB8100 analog base station from Tait is also available in transportable form.

"Combined with Tait's series of transportable briefcase mobiles and Tait portables, organizations can effectively use a transportable repeater to set up a mini-network within a very short amount of time. In this way, Tait offers public safety agencies a complete rapidly deployed solution," concluded Steve.

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