Tait invests in regional centres of excellence

Tait Radio Communications has restructured into three main regions plus a global headquarters in order to maximise the benefits of the company's globally-available expertise and make it easier for customers to do business with Tait.

The three regional bases for Asia Pacific, Americas and Europe Middle East and Africa will be based in the company's existing Brisbane (Australia), Houston (USA) and Huntingdon (UK) offices respectively. The global headquarters remains in Christchurch, New Zealand, but several managerial roles with global responsibility will be based in-region.

Frank Owen, Managing Director of Tait Electronics Limited said, "Customers with international interests are leveraging their global capability and, with the new regional structures, Tait is better able to assist them. An example might be an electricity utility in one country owned by the same corporation as that in another country or continent. When one of those companies upgrades their radio system with Tait, that corporation wants to use the insights and technology for their other companies."

"Behind the scenes, we've been looking at process efficiency and effectiveness which will basically make it easier for our customers do business with Tait," added Frank.

"Thanks to the great staff retention and proven track record of Tait Radio Communications over the past 40 years, Tait people have acquired valuable experience. With these regional centres, this pool of experience and capability is more accessible to all those who are currently, and will become, Tait customers," concluded Frank Owen.

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