Tait and EADS host successful interoperability event

Tait Radio Communications and EADS Secure Networks have conducted their first Compliance Assessment Program (CAP) testing with other manufacturers' mobiles and portables since receiving Department of Homeland Security certification for their Houston interoperability laboratory.

The event, aimed at assuring buyers of P25 equipment of a genuine multi-vendor environment, was hosted at Tait's new North American headquarters in Houston, TX. The tests involved several manufacturers testing their radios for compliance with phase 1 common air interface (CAI) trunked capabilities as outlined in section, and 4  of the September 2009 DHS OIC Project 25 Compliance Assessment Bulletin, P25-CAB-CAI_TEST_REQ.

EF Johnson, Harris Corporation, Icom, Kenwood, Motorola and Thales Communications, Inc. were the manufacturers to successfully pass the suite of tests with the combined Tait/EADS P25 trunked infrastructure.

In May, Tait was among only four land mobile radio manufacturers to be named by the US federal government as having a recognized P25 Compliance Assessment Program (P25 CAP) laboratory. Under a partnership agreement with EADS Secure Networks, EADS shares the Tait P25 CAP facility.

"Tait believes that the proven interoperability of P25 is key to providing a multi-vendor environment which ultimately gives customers real choices," says Tait North America President Steve Cragg. "We appreciate the enthusiasm shown by other radio equipment manufacturers who attended this event."

"We see these interoperability tests as important for radio users not only in North America, where P25 has its roots, but also in other regions where P25 is becoming the preferred digital radio technology, including South America and Australasia. This event is one of many Tait expects to host and participate in to ensure P25 solutions are interoperable for many years to come," concludes Cragg.

"These tests will ultimately help first responder agencies throughout the country realize the vision of the P25 standard," said Steve Shanck, the vice president-general manager of EADS Secure Networks.  "Our joint interoperability testing with Tait Radio Communications underscores our commitment to facilitating the introduction of P25-standard equipment at the local, state and national levels."  

The P25 CAP is a partnership of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the P25 radio industry, and the emergency response community. The Department of Homeland Security is requiring any agency receiving grants for interoperable communications to purchase equipment that has passed P25 CAP testing.

The government-organized program helps assure buyers of P25 equipment that radios and networks from participating manufacturers will work seamlessly.

In addition to hosting this event, Tait has participated in compliance testing organized by Motorola, EF Johnson and Harris Corporation to test the interoperability of Tait portables and mobiles with the infrastructure of these manufacturers.

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