St John Ambulance looks to the future with Tait P25 digital radio system

St John Ambulance Western Australia has chosen Tait Radio Communications, a global leader in radio solutions, to upgrade its radio network.

The new 11-site APCO P25 digital radio system has been chosen to provide saturated coverage for crystal-clear communications between almost 800 ambulance staff around the Perth metropolitan area.

As part of the radio upgrade, Ambulance staff will be communicating with new P25 radios from multiple manufacturers, which includes utilising Tait TM9100 mobiles and hand-held control heads in St John vehicles. The radios are encryption-enabled, meaning users can make secure calls without the concern that eavesdroppers will be able to listen in and access confidential patient information.

The backbone of the network sites is the Tait TB9100 base station with built-in IP-connectivity and customer service software that allows network administrators to remotely diagnose any potential site problems from a central location without having to physically visit the site. More control and functionality is now available than with the previous analogue system using Tait's TB9100 customer service software.

This software has the ability to set automatic monitoring of alarms to enable more efficient use of maintenance resources for looking after the network, reducing the total cost of ownership.

The base stations also feature gateways that offer the ability to link to third party dispatch console systems.

Improving the safety of ambulance officers and the public

St John Ambulance Technical Services Director, Ashley Morris said that "the radios will provide greater effective radio coverage and the encrypted signal ensured that private patient information could be securely communicated between paramedics and receiving hospitals."

 "The radio system upgrade is a step forward for St John Ambulance, ensuring greater network visibility for technicians, and improving the ability to troubleshoot and address problems before they become a bigger issue".

Managing Director of Tait Radio Communications Asia Pacific, Brett Smythe, is proud that public safety organisations in Australia continue to select our radio communications solutions.

"As an inaugural participant in the P25 Compliance Assessment Program (P25 CAP) Tait continues to work with other radio manufacturers to make sure our radios and systems are interoperable. This ensures that public safety and government agencies can collaborate effectively and taxpayers' dollars are saved because freedom to choose is maintained in a multi-vendor environment."

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