New P25 portables and mobiles add to Tait tough series

New models of digital P25 portable and mobile radios have been unveiled by Tait Radio Communications, a global provider of radio solutions, to enable more industries beyond public safety access to crystal-clear digital communications.

The TM9135 mobile and the TP9135/40 portables launched this week complement the existing Tait Tough series of P25 public safety radios.

"APCO P25 has proven itself to public safety organisations as a reliable digital radio technology that delivers interoperable and secure communications," says Tait Radio Communications P25 Product Manager David Jenks. "Now workers in industries beyond the frontline of public safety are demanding the same crystal-clear audio available in Tait Tough P25 radios without the need for all possible features and configurations of a public safety radio."

The TP9135/40 and TM9135 include as standard 1000 channels, 300 talk groups, P25 Common Air Interface (CAI) and the ability to work in analogue or digital mode.

Tait P25 portablesAll TP9135 (4-button keypad) and TP9140 (16-button keypad) portables are built with dual-shot moulding to withstand accidental knocks and are available with Man Down, Lone Worker and MDC1200 encode/decode features. A Lithium ion battery as standard will give a longer service life and lightens the radio by 100 grams (4 oz) lighter when compared to a NiMH battery.

The TM9135 mobile is available with standard or keypad microphone, a hand-held control option and high temperature display for use when working in hot environments. Comprehensive mobile scanning features include P25 talk group, priority, dual priority and editable scanning, while the TM9135 can also display GPS coordinates for improved vehicle safety.

"Because the TP9135/40 portables and TM9135 mobile are based on open standards they can be immediately added to an existing Tait or other manufacturers' conventional, simulcast or trunked P25 network."

"As Tait is a founding participant in the P25 compliance assessment program (P25 CAP) these radios also offer the assurance that they are being developed to be fully interoperable with those of other manufacturers. Radio users can work in P25 digital or analogue modes and be able to communicate with legacy radios already used on an existing network."

The TM9135 mobile and the TP9135/40 portables are available in VHF and UHF (including 700/800 MHz).

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