New coloured TP8100s offer clear choice for mobile teams

Three new colour options for the tough TP8100 series of portables allow customers to clearly differentiate their portable radios, ensuring the right radios end up in the right hands.

Colours across the Tait 8000 tier of mobiles and portables can be customised so that specific radios – whether an in-vehicle mobile or a portable – can be quickly identified as belonging to the same group.

The high contrast makes it easy to identify contaminants on the radio. "Emergency services attending accident scenes have strict guidelines regarding sanitary equipment and on a black portable blood can be hard to spot," said Tony Davis, Portables Product Manager, Tait Radio Communications. "The yellow colour body allows paramedics to see at a glance any traces of blood on the radio and sanitise the unit accordingly," adds Tony.TP8100 colours - red, orange, yellow, black

Utilities workers tasked with restoring service during dark or stormy conditions will find it easier to see a brightly coloured portable in the dark, should the radio be dropped.  "The TP8100 is tough enough to cope with a fall and is easy enough to find when it does," commented Tony. "Linesmen just want to get on with the job at hand and not worry about losing their communication link to the world. The bright colour also allows workers to spot the radio quickly amongst their other tools," adds Tony.

Coloured radios allow fleet administrators to better maintain the radios and ensure the correct radios are distributed to workers. "A linesman doesn't want to arrive at a remote location only to discover they've taken the incorrect portable radio into the field," said Tony. "Managers also need peace of mind that their workers in the field won't endanger themselves by trying to restore crucial services without a communication link, simply because they removed the wrong portable from the charger back at base. An easily-distinguished radio helps eliminate this problem."

The front panel of any TP8100 model can now be ordered in red, yellow or orange in addition to the standard black. The TM8254 mobile hand-held control head can have both a coloured body and a custom faceplate, complete with an organisation's logo, while the sister TM9100 series of digital hand-held control heads can also be colour customised.

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