Man Down ups worker safety

The tough and reliable TP8100 from Tait Radio Communications, now has Man Down capability to give workers and employers peace of mind when working alone in hazardous environments.

When this Man Down motion/ tilt sensor is installed a number of programmable options can be selected, including the standard Lone Worker feature, to provide a flexible configuration to suit the need at hand. A precision GPS speaker microphone is also an option for MPT1327 trunked networks.

"When combined with flexible emergency features and a reliable Tait radio network, Man Down's inclusion in Tait's tough TP8100 represents a total safety-enhancing system. Employers who have a duty of care for their workers who are in isolated situations can be reassured that this radio solution enhances their safety," said Tony Davis, Product Manager at Tait Radio Communications.  

"If the worst happens and a worker is down, the TP8100 radio will send the "mayday" to dispatch, while the optional GPS speaker microphone fixes the location. The closest GPS-enabled workers can be directed to the location to within a tenth of a second of longitude and latitude while the fallen worker's radio emits an audible search alert (particularly useful in the dark)," added Tony.

"All these features are only as reliable as the network they use. With resilient TaitNet MPT and conventional systems, the safety-enhancing TP8100 is tough enough to survive a fall and smart enough to direct the rescue effort."

Safer and more effective teams

Man Down, along with the other worker safety features of the TP8100, allows workers who operate alone in remote or hazardous locations to carry out their daily tasks safe in the knowledge that their wellbeing is constantly being monitored. If something happens to a worker, their team will know and be able to help.

There are a number of ways that a safety-enhancing radio system can be designed using a combination of the TP8100 features described below.

Standard TP8100 safety-enhancing software features:

  • Lone Worker (conventional and MPT)
  • Emergency calling (conventional and MPT)

Optional TP8100 safety enhancing hardware and programmable software features:

  • GPS speaker microphone (for MPT systems)
  • Man Down (conventional and MPT)

There are two key behaviours of the Man Down option board:

  • No-Movement (Man Down Motion Sensor)
  • Movement Detection (Man Down Tilt Sensor)

Movement, No-Movement and Lone Worker features can all be selected to provide a Search Alert tone. When the radio has sent an emergency call, it emits a loud alert tone through the speaker to help the search party to locate the worker in distress.

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