Large Brazilian Electricity Company chooses TaitNet P25 system

Companhia de Transmissão de Energia Elétrica (CTEEP) is one of the largest electricity transmission companies in Brazil. It operates a complex infrastructure with more than 12,144 kms of transmission lines that extend throughout the State of São Paulo, with over 18,495 kms of circuits.

CTEEP selected Tait to supply a 69 site APCO P25 VHF digital radio system to cover its operations across the entire state. The 102 substations operated by the company provide a transformation capacity over 40,000 MVA. The whole operation is monitored by an integrated system for electric system coordination, supervision and control. It is absolutely critical for this complex to have its own reliable and high performance telecommunications system.

CTEEP selected APCO P25 digital technology due to its superior audio quality, robust terminals and open standard technology. Wide area coverage across the São Paulo state was also a key requirement. Also the re-utilization of existing frequencies was important as the new system replaces an old VHF analogue system. This P25 digital technology project in the utilities sector in Brazil follows on from the significant success achieved in the public safety sector with the São Paulo Military and Civil Police and in the oil and gas sector with Petrobras.

CTEEP looked to Tait as a trusted, reliable and P25-compliant supplier to provide the 69 site network with 6 despatch console sites (one per region),108 fixed station terminals and 160 mobiles for use in company vehicles. The TaitNet P25 system will be completely operational by mid 2009 and will be supported locally by Tait Partner SGM Telecom.

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