Huge appetite for Digital Mobile Radio learning at leading Utilities event

Las Vegas, Nevada

At the recent United Telecom Council Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, Tait's Senior Vice President for Global Utility Sector, Bill Fredrickson, delivered a two hour presentation on Digital Mobile Radio to a standing-room-only audience.

Fredrickson's presentation encompassed all aspects of current operating platforms for utilities.. He also analysed the benefits of open standards versus working with one manufacturer's proprietary networks, as well as how customer needs can be adapted for a traditional analog network or a new digital network and what migration paths should be considered down the road to extend the life cycle for utilities.

Of great interest from the groups was the understanding of DMR versus dPMR from different manufacturers and the markets they serve. This clearly helped explain true 6.25 kHz channel story to many, as well as the differences of trunked and lower tiered digital solutions.

"I consistently find that small and large utilities are interested in  how different types of solutions can meet specific needs. At this year's UTC, Tait's position was also well received in terms of how we continuously market solutions based on true open standards allowing customers to continue to have choices rather than to lock them into one solution for the lifetime of the network", says Bill Fredrickson Senior Vice President, Global Utility Sector.

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