First phase of police trunked digital radio network successful

Tait Radio Communications and New Zealand Police have celebrated the successful roll-out of the first phase of a new nationwide P25 trunked digital radio network with the signing of a partnership charter.

Regional police from New Zealand's capital city Wellington are the first in the country to utilise the digital radio technology since the successful installation of more than 33 radio sites in June. The roll-out also includes upgrading the portable and mobile radios (used by staff and officers) to Tait P25 digital radios.

As a result of the successful installation, representatives from New Zealand Police and Tait signed a partnership charter to further enhance the relationship between the two organizations.

Tait Radio Communications Managing Director Frank Owen says Tait and New Zealand Police have similarly-aligned goals and a partnership which dates back almost 40 years.

"The strength of this ongoing relationship has contributed to the first phase of the project being delivered on-time and on-budget."

Secure communications for safer police

Steve Cragg, President of Houston-based Tait Radio Communications, said the introduction of the secure P25 trunked radio network is a major change to Police's radio infrastructure and requires a considerable amount of work to implement.

"It involves not only replacing the radios which officers use, but also updating the backbone equipment which runs the Police radio network nationwide. Tait has worked closely with technology partners including EADS and RF Industries to ensure the success of this first phase."

"We are pleased to work with Tait in providing the New Zealand Police a new, digital radio communications network to help ensure the safety and well-being of its officers and its citizens," said Steve Shanck, Executive Vice President-General Manager, EADS Secure Networks North America.

"The new network's introduction means that, in the future, no one will be able to use scanners to discover the intentions or whereabouts of the Police. This will not only increase officer safety, but also increase the security and reliability of Police's radio communications network and give more flexibility for special Police operations," says Mr Cragg.

"The encryption you can get with the Tait digital technology is virtually unbreakable so only the designated people can hear what's going on. The crystal clear digital audio clarity is also a huge deal when lives of officers and citizens are at stake," Mr Cragg concludes.


A working group comprising Police, Fire, Ambulance, Customs, SSC, MED, Fisheries and others earlier selected the P25 standard, under the e-Government Interoperability Framework, as the most suitable for the New Zealand environment.

Police ICT Manager Murray Mitchell said Police selected the technology using a competitive tender process. "Through this process, we selected Tait's P25 solution. Tait won the contract for Police's new radio network by proving that they had the right people, technical expertise and reliable equipment to provide the full solution. We are now working together as partners to ensure emergency services get the best possible radio technology to support their work."

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