The Tait Smart Value plan* provides organizations with the innovative means to avoid unforeseen communication costs created by shifts in regulations and technology.

Smartly manage performance, total cost of ownership and future adaptability over 10 years.

Unlike consumer electronics, Land Mobile Radio (LMR) equipment comes at a higher acquisition cost and requires a longer useful life with the ability to meet known and unknown requirements 10 or more years into the future. Therefore, it's imperative to make investments that bring real value to the organization, provide predictability around on–going expenses and offer viable options for managing the future more efficiently.

The Tait Smart Value plan for portable and mobile radios is a 10 year program that brings value to each radio at time of purchase:

  • 10 years of Tait–provided service desk, hardware and support services
  • New batteries for portables shipped at years three, six and nine
  • Free exchange of the radio for a new one, including full replacement of accessories

Known cost of ownership allows effective budgeting over 10 years

The true cost of ownership for portable radios extends throughout the entire useful life of the radio and included on–going support.  Organizations routinely sacrifice a percentage of their annual operational budget to account for these unpredictable expenses.

The Tait Smart Value plan for portables helps to smartly manage ownership costs by including 10 years of Tait–provided service desk, hardware and software support for each radio in the purchase price.

Free battery replacement supports continuous performance

The decreasing ability for a battery to hold a full charge over time can negatively impact the performance of the radio and the user – at the very worst – failing to operate when it's most needed.

The Tait Smart Value plan helps to smartly manage the radio's performance by including free battery replacement during the 10 year program.  A new battery is shipped for each portable during years three, six and nine.

Free radio exchange provides future flexibility to adapt

Unforeseen events can result in the early replacement of equipment before it's reached the end of useful life. Traditionally, organizations have had no flexibility to respond and were required to initiate new requests for funding, proposals and user evaluations.

The Tait Smart Value plan allows organizations to smartly manage the future with the option to exchange the originally–purchased radio for a new one – including accessories – at no additional cost.

*Offer only available in North America. Terms and conditions apply. Contact Tait for details

Smart Value at a Glance

Tait Smart Value Plan

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In today's world of IP and consequently shortened life cycle of radio systems, affordable total cost of ownership programs are welcomed.

Mark Hoppe, Principal Consultant Blue Wing Services