P25 Trunked Radio Networks

TaitNet P25 trunked networks deliver spectrally efficient, reliable and scalable communications. From single site to state-wide, TaitNet P25 networks are capable of communicating across combinations of UHF, VHF and 700/800MHz bands with the Tait P25 TB9100 base station/repeater (P25 Phase 1), and in the 700/800MHz band with the Tait P25 TB9400 base station/repeater (P25 Phase 1 operational, upgradable to P25 Phase 2).

A TaitNet P25 trunked network provides secure, easily managed, and interoperable communications across mixed-vendor fleets with sophisticated handling of failure scenarios (redundancy) to ensure reliable service and call quality maintenance.

P25 trunked core network controller
As part of delivering a complete solution, Tait provides P25 trunked core network controller software. This means complete integration with the repeaters and subscribers ensuring one point of accountability for system design, supply and support.

The Tait TN9400 is based on P25 open-standards – including support for consoles (Console Subsystem Interface) and delivers multiple levels of redundancy for greater reliability and user confidence.

TaitNet P25 Trunked - P25 Phase 1/P25 Phase 2 (upgradable)

Reliable, secure and scalable

Key features:

  • Phase 1 operation in VHF, UHF and 700/800MHz bands
  • Phase 2 (upgradable) operation in 700/800MHz band, with the TB9400
  • Tait P25 TN9400 trunked core network for a complete Tait P25 trunked solution
  • P25 open standards compliance, including CSSI and ISSI interface support for interoperability
  • Support for Over-the-air Rekeying (OTAR)

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Tait P25 TN9400 trunked core network

Tait P25 TB9100 Phase 1 base station/repeater
Tait P25 TB9400 Phase 2 (upgradable) base station/repeater

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White Paper

The Firefighter’s Guide to Open Standard P25 Communications

The most important elements of a communications system for fire fighters are reliability, clarity, good coverage, appropriate call services, privacy, interoperability and data. This paper describes P25 communications technology and its benefits for Fire Fighters, as well as providing a comparison with other open digital radio standards—DMR and dPMR.

3-site trunked network diagram

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