Transportable P25 Base Station / Repeater

The rugged P25 transportable base station/repeater is designed for mission-critical use in disasters, tactical missions and at crime scenes to ensure worker and community safety and the security of communications and tactical operations.

Extend your current P25 wide area coverage or set up a dedicated communications network on-site in minutes with the Tait P25 transportable repeater. Robust, reliable and secure, the Tait P25 transportable base station/repeater delivers all the trusted features of the TB9100 base station, in a rugged, waterproof Pelican briefcase.

Tait P25 Phase 1 Transportable Base Station/ Repeater

Intelligent, flexible and high performing

Key features:

  • Operation in VHF, UHF and 700/800MHz bands
  • Dual mode interoperability for seamless switching between analog and P25 digital
  • Ensured continuity of service with smart AC/DC switching
  • Remote monitoring via the built-in Task Manager
  • Pelican case color options so you can choose a color that best suits the application

Download the P25 transportable base station/repeater specifications flyer (PDF) for more detailed information.

White Paper

Under the Hood: Coverage theory for Public Safety networks - a System Engineer's view

This white paper provides network operators some insight into how a System Engineer can design for network coverage that meets specific requirements. It addresses three basic techniques, which, used individually or in combination, can overcome geographical or urbanization influences, to increase coverage reliability. While this paper is especially relevant for the critical coverage requirements of Public Safety operators, the principles described are equally applicable for other sectors.

Transportable Base Station/Repeater

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