System Resilience

Radio System Resilience


Utility organizations invest in a private radio system to have a secure and reliable form of communication for their workforce as well as for critical communications within their electrical network.

It is important that a system is resilient and has no single point of failure.

Built on the proven network architecture of MPT-IP, DMR Tier 3 from Tait Communications supports the DMR specific features that will increase resilience.

Centralized node based architecture

The Tait DMR Tier 3 solution uses a centralized node base architecture. By removing the network control from the individual sites to a node controller, the amount of traffic and synchronization needed between sites significantly reduces, resulting in a much lower capacity bandwidth requirement for linking. It also makes securing the database easier.

High availability

A network can contain multiple nodes and in normal operation all network traffic will be shared between nodes. When one of the nodes becomes unavailable the remaining nodes will take over the functionality and this high availability feature will be so fast that there is no noticeable loss of service.

Failsoft mode

If unforeseen circumstances result in a site losing all connections to the node controller, the site will revert to single site trunking operation. One of the channels will become the control channel and operation within the site remains as normal.

Dynamic channel assignment

Unlike conventional systems, the trunked network works with a pool of available channels, maximizing network capacity while coping with peaks in capacity demand. If one channel becomes unavailable, no-one will lose communications, it will only result in a capacity reduction.

Hot pluggable

Tait DMR Tier 3 base stations contain hot pluggable RF modules. While the system is running a power amplifier or receiver/exciter (reciter) can be removed and the second channel in the same rack will continue to operate as normal.
The DMR Tier 3 solution offers a no compromise choice for utility organizations looking for resilient communications now and into the future.