Call clarity

To keep your utility workforce safe and operating efficiently requires a radio system that delivers market-leading call clarity and superior voice communications, particularly for workers in the field. When emergencies occur, improved call clarity will buy your workers precious seconds to respond.

Unreliable or hard to interpret voice communications compromise worker safety and directly impact the operating efficiency of an organization. TheTait DMR Tier 3 radio network is the no compromise platform for high clarity mission-critical voice communications.

Enhanced audio performance and quality

Our advanced terminal audio performance has been developed in cooperation with a number of universities to deliver acoustic enhancements such as parametric frequency equalization and a speaker that also acts as a microphone to reduce wind noise sensitivity.

At Tait, we have decades of field experience relating to the effects of high noise environments on audio quality. We understand how user accents, tonal differences and varying emotion or stress levels interact to affect comprehension. A thorough understanding of these elements is essential to delivering world-class voice communication networks.

Tait uses Mean Opinion Score (MOS) metrics to quantitatively assess and fine-tune system and radio design. These refinements help the listener to subconsciously determine the caller's identity, the message emphasis, or the speaker's emotional state. Preserving these aspects of voice transmission is vital to ensuring the radio system is a truly effective person-to-person communication tool, while maintaining the intuitive human experience. This is especially important when considering the adoption of new digital technologies.

We offer a range of pre-qualified audio accessories to complete any end-to-end high performance voice network, and can also recommend the correct equipment placement to achieve optimum performance.

Tait DMR Tier 3 is the no compromise platform for voice clarity.