Call availability

When critical communications fail to get through, worker safety and organisational performance can both be compromised.

Tait DMR Tier 3 is the no compromise digital radio platform for optimum call availability. The Tait platform features a range of technical advances to ensure critical voice calls will always connect, even in the most demanding operational conditions.

Configurable call queuing

DMR Tier 3 features a configurable call queuing system to ensure all calls are connected, even when network usage is high or the call recipient is busy.

When a peak in network traffic or a busy recipient means a call cannot be connected immediately the Tait DMR system will queue that call for an instant and then connect it as a channel becomes available.

Configurable call timers

Call duration is one of the most manageable aspects of network usage. The Tait DMR Tier 3 platform supports highly configurable call duration timers. Network administrators can dynamically manage and limit call duration resulting in fewer unnecessarily long calls during emergencies and times of peak network traffic.

Call prioritization and pre-emption

The DMR Tier 3 platform allows different network traffic categories to be given different priorities. When all channels are busy and a high priority call needs to come through, the network can terminate a call with lower priority and assign the channel to the higher priority call.

Radio users can also initiate a priority status call during an emergency, so the call takes priority over other voice and data calls and is placed at the top of the call queue. The call pre-emption feature is a useful tool for a dispatch center to ensure transmission of urgent information.

DMR Tier 3 also allows administrators to restrict certain types of data transmission to off-peak voice traffic periods.

Dynamic channel assignment

Dynamic channel assignment is inherent within trunked radio systems and helps to avoid call failure.

In congested radio spectrum environments, radio channels are occasionally compromised by intermodulation, including interference from neighboring radio users. On conventional systems that rely on static channel allocations, channel users who experience this problem are unable to make calls.

The DMR Tier 3 trunked radio system dynamically assigns whatever channels remain available to conversations in real time, to ensure all calls can be connected. The Tait DMR Tier 3 solution will detect the presence of channel interference and remove the affected channel from the available channel pool. The temporary loss of a channel increases the burden on remaining channels, but by redistributing the remaining capacity, DMR Tier 3 ensures voice quality is maintained and all users remain equally well served.

Fail soft and built-in redundancy

The DMR Tier 3 platform supports unprecedented levels of flexibility and resilience. If communications between site-nodes are lost, individual sites will still carry local calls so users within the coverage of that site can continue to communicate without interruption.

During such an event, any base station can pick up the task of providing control channel functionality, and therefore any traffic channel can instantly be converted to function as a control channel.

The Tait DMR Tier 3 platform is the no compromise option for utilities wanting to provide uninterrupted call availability to their workforce, even in the most demanding situations.