Mission Critical Data – SCADA & Telemetry

Utility communications systems carry an increasing amount of important data. Part of that data is considered mission critical because it is required to ensure the continuity of the utility's services. While utilities can use third party networks for some data, it is wise to remain in full control of the network that carries the utilities mission critical data.

The DMR Tier 3 platform from Tait provides a robust private radio network with extensive data functionality to ensure uninterrupted delivery of a utility's mission critical data. The platform features a standards-based application interface to ensure smooth data application deployment and the platform's 2-slot TDMA technology will ensure that data services do not interfere with mission critical voice.

SCADA and Telemetry

Efficient transportation of SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and device telemetry data is a key enabler for any utility seeking to increase its ability to monitor and control operations in real time. The DMR Tier 3 platform provides support for both Short Data Service (SDS) and IP data services. Because data packets for SCADA and telemetry are small, they can be carried using either of these two DMR data services. This flexibility, along with the dynamic allocation of channels to voice or data, makes DMR Tier 3 the optimal technology for cost efficient implementation of SCADA and Telemetry.

Location and job data

When GPS location data is carried over the radio network in combination with detailed utility maintenance job data it enables a utility company to dramatically reduce its outage and maintenance response times. To make the transportation of that location data as efficient as possible, the DMR Tier 3 platform employs a predefined message type for all GPS data. DMR Tier 3's full IP data capabilities combined with the platform's standard Application Interface Standard (AIS), which allows for very easy integration with the existing outage management and workforce management systems, makes DMR tier 3 the no compromise choice for carry utility location data.

Mission Critical data

To keep themselves and their customers safe, utility workers need to be able to rely 100% on their radio system. If mission critical communications do not get through it could spell disaster for the worker and the organization. DMR Tier 3 supports pre-defined prioritization levels for call and data traffic. If a high priority call or data transmission is requested, and all channels are busy, reverse channel signaling will be used by the system to terminate a lower priority call to free up a channel for the higher priority traffic.

Data authenticity and security

DMR Tier 3 supports advanced user authentication to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the data being transmitted across the radio network. DMR Tier 3 also supports market leading encryption to further secure data against modification or eavesdropping.

Network management

Tait DMR Tier 3 provides extensive network management features that monitor the status of the radio network and allow for easy and remote reconfiguration and firmware updates. Dashboard reporting and usage reporting provide radio network managers with detailed information on network activity.
DMR Tier 3 from Tait is the no compromise solution for electric utilities who want to remain in full control of their communications system for mission critical data.