Flexible migration options for a smooth transition

Upgrading a radio network can be so disruptive that operators may choose to keep their existing network in service beyond its viable lifespan. But inevitably, technological and regulatory changes will drive the decision to move to digital.

When that time comes it is important to choose a solution engineered to ensure smooth and seamless migration from your existing radio solution – so your critical communications uninterrupted.

Simplest path to narrowbanding

DMR Tier 3 can fully reuse all your current 12.5kHz analog channels and provides 6.25kHz channel equivalence, dramatically increasing network capacity.

Multimode terminals

Multi-mode capability on Tait terminals adds enormous flexibility to the rollout of DMR equipment. Each Tx9300 Terminal is capable of Analog Conventional, MPT-1327, DMR Tier 2, and DMR Tier 3. That means they can operate on your current analog radio system, then instantly move to your new digital network once it is activated.

Analog-equivalent coverage reuses existing towers

Thanks to the DMR's analog comparable coverage, new DMR networks can often reuse expensive site infrastructure elements such as combiners, cabling and aerials.

Tait DMR Tier 3 has unrivalled wide area coverage and high transmit power, providing similar coverage to analog systems with more consistent signal quality. DMR Tier 3 can be deployed across your existing network, greatly increasing capacity with little or no investment in new sites.

Support for legacy equipment interfaces

Tait DMR Tier 3 supports a wide range of current and legacy interfaces that can connect your existing third party equipment - dispatch consoles, voice recorders, and applications - to the new network. For continuity of service this is vital to managing cost and risk.

Lower capital costs

DMR Tier 3 minimizes infrastructure costs by providing two logical paths in one physical channel, reducing the need for duplexers and combiners. When compared with 6.25kHz FDMA technology, DMR Tier 3 TDMA requires only half the site infrastructure.

Migration design, deployment and support services

Tait can take full responsibility for the seamless transition of your radio system – from system and coverage design to deployment and commissioning - leaving you to get on with what you do best.

Your people are an important part of the process, and Tait Change Management complements good project management, not only delivering your upgrade on schedule but with swift user adoption to give you the return on investment that you need.

Tait System Design considers compatibility between legacy and new equipment, and can transition seamlessly, defining and developing standard and non-standard network elements. We have extensive experience integrating partner products and those of your preferred suppliers.

Tait DMR Tier 3: Achieve more by choosing a smooth migration path into the future​

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