TM8000 Trunked/Conventional mobiles specifications

The performance figures given in these pages, unless otherwise stated, are typical figures measured in accordance with ETSI 300-086 (analogue) and ETSI 300-113 (digital). Tait Communications reserves the right to alter these specifications.

For full details of technical specifications for these products, please contact your nearest Tait office or authorized dealer.

TM8105 Specifications

TM8110-15 Specifications

TM8250 Specifications

TM8260 Specifications

TM8252 Specifications

TM8235 Specifications

TM8254 Specifications

TM8255 Specifications

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Why choose Tait Conventional Analog Radio

When all-informed, open-channel communications is essential to your business, TaitNet conventional analog radio systems are the ideal choice. Our range includes small, single-site networks for confined area voice-only communications to larger, wider area networks with a variety of voice and data features.

Conventional analog radio systems are a simple, economical way for mobile radio users to keep in touch.

TaitNet Conventional Analog highlights:

  • Modular, high specification infrastructure
  • Systems in place throughout the world
  • Conventional sites can be linked for wider coverage
  • Ideal when "all-informed" communications is essential
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Economical